Of the soul’s dignity of whom wants to become rich

Of the soul's dignity of whom wants to become rich 

Don't ask me
What kind of guy I am
Gorging myself on the hope
To have so much wealth
That I forget to be loyal
With my gentlemanly dignity
By acquiring in my turn
Of my commitment with these words
Witnesses of my fidelity
To the human race
And of my generosity
Towards the most humbles
Without which
I will be the last of the men
And the first
Of those fucking bastards
Who forget so easy and so fast,
That an hasardous day
They just started from,
their mother's bottom
And became themselves
By the courage of their families
Helpfull people and own friends.

These words could become gold
By reversing eighty percent of their earns
To a panel of charity funds which work
To the growth of the gentleness
Everywhere in the world,
A very old vertue erased by the Time
And cupid blindness of few manies
Which must absloutly rebirth
If we want to be certain to give
The better chances to preserve
Our bodies , minds and souls
Of the anounced tragedy
By doing nothing , except to be
The insignifiant and powerless Witnesses
Of our proper unconsciousness

The 20 others percent will be attributed
To the growth of my personnal art
of the gentle maner to tell us to ourselves
With the sweetness of my singing verses
The hard reality of the truth

All of that could be possible
If you let your heart speaking
And , of course, your lightned consciousness
By purchasing or bidding on this poem

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